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Android Spinner not optimized or Implementing new Design

Because Android Spinner is not optimized for multiple elements and do not have the desired usability for this use-case,  I decided to implement a new design which use maximum space mobile display. This with changes in database structure, which will lead to new functionalities and more application interactivity from user side, will make a perfect start for a new release of Moldova Public Transport.

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Moldova Public Transport update

We have new app available! Check the link:   Mulțumesc p/u folosirea aplicației. Sunt plăcut surprins ca aplicația este utila la multi utilizatori și va mulțumesc p/u comentarii și bug-reports.Chit despre update acesta este un proiect personal si este bazat doar pe entuziasm si timp liber, care din păcate, niciodată nu este destul . La moment se reface baza de date, p/u ca viitoarele … Continue reading

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Next app will be more complicated and developing process more complex. We will use Tabs, reusable resources, share data between activities, network, parsing website, read and write files etc… Some screenshots of working application as the proof of the job completed:

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Working with android RadioButtons

Today I’m going to explain the process of developing an android program. For the first example I will take a pretty simple quiz-test application. I assume that you are pretty acknowledged with eclipse or any other IDE and have installed ADT on your computer, besides on internet it’s a lot of information and lessons like how to build a “hello world” app. Right now I’m … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my page. This is my first post. Is still a lot of work to do, but I hope you will enjoy staying here. Keep tuned!

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